Lead Engineer, Mira
Bringing screens to life

Mira allows enterprise customers like hospitals, hotels, and universities to control their fleets of displays for signage, entertainment, and more. As lead engineer, I've overseen the development of nearly all products and services built in Mira's first year.

Apps & Services
Mira's digital display SDK

MiraKit is the React-based SDK that allows any web developer to build apps for displays. The SDK also includes a simulator to allow developers to see their apps without needing a MiraLink device.

Operating runtime for MiraLink devices

Photon is the Electron-based runtime that powers MiraLink devices. It uses Node.js, React, and AWS's IoT platform to give Mira apps and users secure control of the hardware.

Additional Mira apps include a media player, a weather app, and more. Mira services include app hosting and live-loading, user generated content hosting and streaming, and sales tools for dealers.


Javascript via React and Node.js. Python via Flask on EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, and Lambda. Postgres. AWS IoT.

Founder, Labs
Rapid Prototyping by Atomic

Labs is the internal rapid prototyping production arm of the venture capital firm, Atomic. Along with two designers, we established the organization and oversaw the development of over half a dozen products within its first year.

Prototyped Products
Highlight-oriented social network

Highlighter originated as a tool for extracting the selected text from, and determining the source URL for, iOS screenshots. When a feed was added, it grew into a social network for avid readers and publications such as The Next Web.

Other products included a child-safety app for iMessages, a food-porn-first restaurant discovery app, a platform for betting on the outcome of television shows, and more.


Swift on iOS. Python via Flask on EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, and Heroku. Postgres and Redis. Javascript via jQuery. Custom OCR and image detection. Extensible image rendering with PIL.

Partner, The App Cookbook Project
10 apps, 10 days, 2 humans

I teamed up with designer Alec Davis to determine how to cook up a functional product prototype in 24 hours. We produced 1 iOS or web app every day for 10 days. Each app was inspired by an abstract, or “ingredient,” and the whole process was documented in detail, and all of the code was open sourced.

Prototyped Products
A realtime story hopper for @GrasswireNow

@GrasswireNow is a Twitter account that livetweets news as covered by Grasswire. Grasshopper combined the Twitter firehose with based natural language processing to sort the tweets into stories.

Get both sides of a Reddit ELI5.

Avocat scraped Reddit’s popular ELI5 subreddit to present the highest-voted and most-controversial answers to any question side by side.

Other products included a pen-pal simulator, a family-first social network, “AirBnb for home gyms,” and more.


Swift on iOS. Python via Flask on Heroku. Parse. Javascript via jQuery.

Turn on, tune in, drop out
CEO, MegaBits
Monster training in the real world

MegaBits was a location-oriented monster-training MMO for iOS. I ran the company from a Startup Weekend project, through an incubator, and a seed round of funding. At peak, the game had approximately 1,000 monthly active users.


MegaBits featured over 10 musical compositions, 100 unique combat moves, an ongoing narrative shared across all players, and over 50 monsters, many of which were uniquely designed for the real-world locations in which they were found. The game was well-received on Product Hunt. Gameplay largely centered around monster combat and episodic and regional content releases.


Over its 3 years, MegaBits worked with over 2 dozen contractors, employees, interns, and volunteers. At its peak, it employed 6 team members full-time, excluding me.


MegaBits was part of the 11th class of Pittsburgh’s AlphaLab software incubator. During the cycle, we received mentorship from Pittsburgh entrepreneurs Kit Mueller and Kevin Acklin, shipped an early alpha to several hundred testers, build out our waitlist.

Kickstarter & Startup Weekend

The company originated as a pitch for the second-ever Startup Weekend Pittsburgh event. The team won fan favorite, and used that momentum to build out a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign served to kindle our initial audience, which helped us in getting accepted into AlphaLab.


Swift and Objective-C on iOS. Python via Flask on EC2 and Elastic Beanstalk. Postgres. Realtime game state via Node.js, Socket.io, and Redis. Custom AI and procedural generation algorithms.

Mentor & Volunteer, SWPGH
A startup in 54 hours

As a participant, I founded MegaBits; my first venture, which fan favorite in SWPGH #2. In each major event since, I’ve been a volunteer, mentor, and hype man. Startup Weekend events have also led to many of my best mentors and friends.

Developer, MAYA Design
Information, technology, and experience

I was hired in my sophomore year of college as a developer intern at MAYA, and stayed on staff for just shy of 3 years, working on a myriad of internal and client projects.


Objective-C on iOS. Python. Raspberry Pi. Custom image manipulation, detection, and stictching.