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Co-Founder, VP of Product


Mira simplifies screen signage, to improve our customers' businesses, and to seed to world with accessible, reactive, context-aware signage to improve the usability of real spaces.

I oversaw production and release of our dashboard, hardware, & first-party apps. I lead the design and engineering teams in building the only digital signage product built to minimize complexity between idea and screen. I worked closely with customers to establish our first year’s roadmap of features critical to their business.

I coordinated our work with Supersequent, a machine learning performance marketing firm, to generate paid acquisition and reduce CAC from $1,200 to $200 in the first 3 months.

I ran the product and marketing teams. We grew Mira from $0 to over $500,000 ARR in its first year of sales.

Simplifying Screen Signage

Mira's customer-centric dash design

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Product Demo

Intro to Mira

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Virtual Visitor

Mira demos the future for Wahlburgers

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2016 − 2018


Coach, Stage Manager
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2017 − Present
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Center for Humane Technology

2019 − Present
Product Development Lead

Atomic — Rapid Prototyping

Atomic builds companies by iterating quickly, sharing knowledge, and de-risking opportunities across their portfolio.

I worked with designers and PMs to quickly develop product prototypes focusing on mobile and web. Prototypes were shipped to control audiences within 1 week to 1 month of ideation. We focused on iOS, web via React, and microservices via AWS Lambda.

I also lead efforts to support Founders In Residence in Atomic's unique model of company building. Prototypes were generated for investor consideration.

2015 − 2016
Founder, CEO


A monster training game played in the real world. Everyone wants to play Pokémon on their phone. It's obvious. We weren't Nintendo, but we built a pretty good substitute.

MegaBits featured custom music, combat, monsters, & a narrative shared across all players. Play largely centered around combat and episodic & regional content.

The game was well-received on Product Hunt, but Pokémon Go eventually caused us to wind down. Still a substitute, after all.

I ran MegaBits from a Startup Weekend pitch to seed funding and 1,000 monthly active users.

Game Design

We're on a mission to end grinding

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TEQ Magazine

It’s An 8-bit World

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Incubator Pitch

AlphaLab Demo Day

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2013 − 2015

OpenPhone (YC S18)

First Employee
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2019; San Francisco, CA

Coarse Ground Podcast

2017 − 2018; San Francisco, CA

Tusk: Mastodon for iOS

Designer, Developer
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2018; San Francisco, CA

The App Cookbook Project

Partner, Developer
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2015; Berkeley, CA

Startup Weekend Pittsburgh

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2012 − 2015; Pittsburgh, PA
Game Design

OMNE Extensible RPG System

Game Designer
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2013; Pittsburgh, PA

MAYA Design

Engineering Intern
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2012 − 2014; Pittsburgh, PA